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Oversleeping is Harmful

Oversleeping is Harmful

Who would have thought too much sleep could be harmful?

You must have read articles which suggest you should sleep well, atleast sleep 8 hours daily to ensure your body gets enough rest. But did you know too much sleep is bad for health!

Do you know sleeping too much could turn into a medical disorder? But how much sleeping should be considered as oversleeping?

Let’s explore!

Though sleep is good for health but too much sleep could lead to fatigue and tiredness. It sets off the biological clock and gives wrong signals to the brain cells signaling there is something wrong in the body. A person suffering from oversleeping usually never gets satisfied with enough sleep. They feel drowsy during the day and usually want to take a quick nap. This is not it; they sleep for 9-10 hours straight in the night and get up more tired the next day.

Oversleeping could lead to many health problems such as depression, weight increase, headaches, back aches, and even health problems such as diabetes.

So how much sleep is enough? It depends on personal factors such as age, health condition and also varies depending on the lifestyle you lead. Doctors suggest that 6-8 hours of sleep in the night is enough for a normal and healthy human being.

How to get rid of oversleeping?

First and the foremost step is to identify if you are suffering from oversleeping. Monitor your sleep times and track the number of hours you are sleeping daily. If you are sleeping more than 6-8 hours daily and still not feeling active the next day, then you sure are suffering from oversleeping.

Once you know you are oversleeping, you need to take corrective actions by setting up an alarm and ensuring you get up on the fixed time. Go out for a walk, feel the fresh morning air and enjoy the morning sunlight.

Gradually your body will understand and re-tune the biological clock to ensure you sleep well and not over do it! If you still oversleep, it is better to consult a doctor.