Not so worrisome Newborn Worries!

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Not so worrisome Newborn Worries!

Not so worrisome Newborn Worries!

Finally, after such a long wait of nine months you are holding your little angel in your lap. This joy is untold, and is experienced only by you, a mother!

Babies are wonderful and beautiful creatures, who can make you, fret from their strange physical attributes, stranger habits, but are completely normal. Believe it or not, you will most likely find yourself obsessing about very small things, especially when it’s your first baby.

Here is a list of most common newborn worries along with satisfying reasoning to let you get rid of these unwanted worries and enjoy the new phase of motherhood:

  1. Soft spots on baby’s head. The soft spots you see on your baby’s head are fontanels, a very thick and protective membrane over the brain. Its purpose is to safely negotiate the narrow birth canal, and, it’s touchable. So do not worry about touching it.
  2. Baby’s pulse is visible in his fontanels. This is completely normal, as the fontanels cover areas of the head that have not yet combined together; they’re soft, resulting in veins and arteries to be visible.
  3. Spotting in baby girl’s diaper. During the first week of birth, it’s common for a baby girl to shed a little blood. This is usually due to high levels of estrogen in infant girl’s body, and nothing to worry about.
  4. Small hollow in baby’s chest. It’s not a heart problem. Human breastbone is made up of three parts; this hollow is the underneath piece, which is angling back. This will disappear with baby’s growth; gradually the chest and belly muscles will drag it straight.
  5. Poops are very squishy. Breastfed babies may have frequent bowl movement as breast milk is quickly digestible. And squish is due to the completely liquid diet, so do not stress yourself, it will gradually get better. You should be happy that it is happening!
  6. Hiccupping nonstop. Hiccups are not harmful for baby, sometimes it’s due to a miscommunication among the brain and the stomach muscle that controls breathing but no need to worry about it.
  7. Crying. It is the only way through which your newborn can communicate his/her desires. Their immature nervous system or getting surprise or pain or hunger can be the prime reasons behind a crying baby. It does not mean that baby is hurting himself/herself but instead it’s their way of communication and should be dealt with patience.
  8. Pimply rash on his face.  Newborns may have acne, due to presence of maternal hormones present in their body; these usually disappear gradually after 2 months. Extra precaution should be taken while bathing that pimple should not be scrubbed but cleaned gently. Also take care that baby is not rubbing across these pimples, as it may further increase the rash as well as add to itchiness.
  9. Swollen breasts. Not to worry, it’s temporary. Some maternal hormones can cause swollen breasts of babies and that too in both genders! It is nothing to worry about, just relax!
  10. Sneezing every time. Babies have tiny noses, even a small bit of mucus will make them sneeze. Unless you observe thick yellow mucus in your baby’s sneezing, there is no reason to worry. But if you do, it indicates cold and you should consult a doctor immediately. Stay up-to-date on common infections your baby is prone to in the first year!

 Watch out this space for more details on few common newborn worries.

 Share and spread awareness. Help new mothers to worry less and enjoy motherhood more!

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