How to survive Newborn's first Flu season?

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How to survive Newborn’s first Flu season?

How to survive Newborn’s first Flu season?

Newborns are always at high risk for infections in first 4 to 6 weeks of their new life.  Although, babies get antibodies through the breastfeed, but infant’s immune system is still immature; and doesn’t have enough antibodies to fight off cold and flu like infections. Flu can be the cause of a life threatening illness in a newborn.

Here are some germs fighting conducts to reduce the risk of flu for your baby:

  • First two months are very crucial for your baby, be extra cautious. It’s better to avoid crowds, so leave your newborn at home only. Avoid too many relatives or guests to meet the baby at once.
  • Breastfeed your newborn baby, at least for first six months. It will boost your baby’s immunity.
  • If you have to use top feed, then maintain good hygiene. Between each use, always sterilize the bottles and the nipples.
  • Keep baby’s formula in the refrigerator until just before feeding. Then warm and feed it to the baby immediately, before bacterial growth.
  • Wash your hands frequently, whenever you come in from a public place, bathroom, eats, before and after feeding your baby  or changing a diaper.
  • Keep your newborns away from everyone who is sick.
  • Regularly, wash toys with soap and water and then allow them to air-dry.
  • Often wipe baby’s hands with a clean washcloth and warm water, as babies love to put their hands in their mouth.
  • Make sure your baby is getting sufficient sleep.
  • Be strict with your baby’s vaccination schedule. It is the only way to avoid illnesses like the measles, chicken pox and meningitis.
  • Expectant ladies should also get vaccinated, so they don’t pass the infection to their unvaccinated newborn.

Follow these simple steps and maintain good hygiene around your baby. You will easily pass through the Flu season before you even know it!

Watch out for the types of Flu which might affect the baby in first year! 

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