Planning Pregnancy but Worried about Miscarriage?

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Planning Pregnancy but Worried about Miscarriage?

Planning Pregnancy but Worried about Miscarriage?

Are you planning for pregnancy but worried about miscarriage? 

Resolve some of your worries with a quick read on myths related to miscarriage. Most women feel guilty and blame themselves if they have a miscarriage, which is not right; it’s not your fault! Generally, the loss of a pregnancy is uncontrollable. One in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage; and most of the time a cause is not known. Being a sensitive matter, there are lots of misconceptions floating around the matter. Instead of going under depression, it is important to figure out the myths and understand actual facts.

Myth – If I had this once, I will have it next time also.

Fact There are only very few chances of having repeated pregnancy loss, if you have had it before. However, after having two simultaneous miscarriages, the risk of successive chances of pregnancy loss may increase up to 20 percent. Remember there’s still a 80 percent chance of a having a successful pregnancy.

Myth- I was too stressed out.

FactEvery pregnant lady experiences some stress. It’s impossible to remain relaxed, whether it’s about money, work or even family tragedies. Moderate amount of stress can not cause miscarriage, but chronic stress might cause an issue.

Myth- We had sex.

Fact You and your partner can breathe easy! There is no evidence about orgasms or uterine contractions causing miscarriage.

Myth- I had an abortion years ago.

Fact Though, if you have had one or two procedures in the past, it shouldn’t have an effect on your ability to carry a pregnancy in future. But, there is a high risk of miscarriage if there is a very short gap between an induced abortion and following pregnancy.

Myth- I continued with my regular workout.

Fact Light or moderate exercise during pregnancy will not increase your risk of miscarriage, infact doctors recommend some exercise regime for healthy pregnancy. Prefer,consuming a lot of water and ensure you consult your doctor before going ahead with your work-out regime.

Doctors recommend you should be more careful during the first trimester, usually all risks and troubles reduce as your pregnancy stabilizes. If you have had a miscarriage, you need to boost your spirits and prepare yourself for a healthy pregnancy in future.

Stay tuned for updates on healthy pregnancy!

Share this article with the one who has gone through this unfortunate incident of miscarriage, and encourage them to try again!

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