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How to manage Anemia during Pregnancy?

How to manage Anemia during Pregnancy?

In general terms, Anemia during pregnancy means you are having lower amount of iron or blood as required by the body. Iron is required by red blood cells to carry oxygen to parts of your body including fetus. During second half of pregnancy, mother’s body starts generating more red blood cells to fulfill the requirement of your body and building body of unborn baby.

You are more likely to have anemia if you have rigorous morning sickness, two or more pregnancies back to back or multiple fetus.

Ways to prevent pregnancy anemia! 

  • Be particular in taking prenatal iron and folate vitamins.
  • Eat iron rich red meats like mutton, chicken or fish.
  • Prepare your food items in iron pots.
  • Consume citrus foods as vitamin C helps in iron absorption.
  • Add iron rich food in your diet like dark green or yellow vegetables, all beans, egg yolk, fortified grain and dried fruits.


What treatments are available for anemia?

  • You would be advised to take additional vitamins and iron pills along with your prenatal vitamins.
  • Never take iron pills along with calcium products like milk. This combination does not work well in your body.
  • Never take antacids like Tums or Maalox along with iron pills. This can affect how your body uses the iron pills.
  • Iron pills can cause some bowel movement problems. So, consume extra foods with fibers like fruits, cereals and vegetables. Drink maximum amount of liquids every day.
  • Your bowel movements color will turn dark black. This is actually normal, so don’t panic.

If you have been diagnosed with anemia during your pregnancy, do not panic, it is not a big deal. It is well proven that your body absorbs more iron from your food if your iron is “low”. So eat nutritious diet and take care of yourself.

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