Tips to make Your Labor Easy!

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Tips to make Your Labor Easy!

Tips to make Your Labor Easy!

Let’s face it! The process of giving birth is a bit scary and arduous. Still, labor can be made easy, comfortable and less traumatic through some techniques that are proven to help women during those tough hours. Prepare yourself for labor, long before it starts with the following tips that can maintain you happier, healthier and looking forward to an easier labor.

  1. Stay fit and healthy to enhance your stamina. Regularly do some easy exercises like walking, biking or swimming that can keep you healthy.
  2. Attend childbirth classes with your partner to understand what will happen to your body during labor, that will help you to handle it well.
  3. Visit the hospital in advance; this can help you relieve some of the anxiety and can also help you plan about what to bring like pillows, blankets, etc. Check the blog on checklist for hospital bag to make sure you do not miss anything important.
  4. Go with gravity to help your baby get into the best position for birth. Always make sure your pelvis is above your knees while you are sitting down.
  5. During the early stage of labor, distract yourself to remain calm and relaxed by having a walk, watching a movie, etc.
  6. Take a warm shower or bath to ease the tension of your body.
  7. Have a massage to deal with early contractions such as head massage etc.
  8. When your contractions starts, drink plenty of water. It will provide you more energy to push.
  9. Snack wisely, before going to hospital to keep your blood sugar levels up.
  10. Keep walking while your body is preparing for labor. It will help you to have shorter duration between labor and delivery.
  11. Learn and use breathing techniques for labor to help you get through it with less pain.

It will be over soon and you will be holding your lucky charm in your arms in few hours. So relax and focus on your body. Your body gives you ample hints to guide you through a calm labor. Read through this informative blog to know if it is indeed the labor pain!

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