Going for laser hair removal treatment?

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Considering laser hair removal treatment to go hair free?

Considering laser hair removal treatment to go hair free?

Are you thinking of getting the laser hair removal treatment done to get rid of those unwanted hair?

Better understand the procedure and its effects completely before you are all set to spend the humongous amount of money on the treatment. This article takes you through the important aspects of the procedure and helps you take a judicious decision.

  1. What’s your skin colour?

The laser procedure is recommended for people having dark hair and light skin shade. It may not be very effective people having gray, red or blonde hair. The reasoning behind this is that the laser process targets the hair pigments and not the hair. Some laser machines also do not work well with darker tone skins because its difficult to differentiate the hair from the skin. The better is the contrast between the skin and the hair, the better the results from the treatment.

  1. Avoid pluck or wax before the treatment

Avoid the usual procedures you follow for hair removal such as waxing or plucking before the laser treatment. But you should shave, that helps the machine to focus better on the pigments. Also avoid using any sun tanning lotions atleast three weeks before the treatment date.

  1. It’s a multiple appointment affair

The complete laser procedure has to be done in multiple sittings to ensure maximum effect. The gap between each sitting should be 4-6 weeks. It takes atleast 8-10 sessions for the hair removal effects to show on the skin while for face it is usually 6-8 sessions.

  1. Do not expect to go totally hair free

The skin tone, pigments, and hair quality can affect final results from the treatment. It is possible that you may not go completely hair free and even after the procedure you see some fine hairs. This situation may vary from person to person and depends on a lot of factors.

  1. It’s a myth that laser radiations are harmful

There have been rumours that laser treatment affects the body because of the harmful radiations. This is not true. The laser does not emit any radiation, infact the radiation here is the ray of light which is non-ionizing in nature and does not create any harmful effects for the skin. The laser treatment actually uses light waves as the energy to remove hair.

The hair laser treatment should be done after due diligence about the treatment provider. One should take this decision judiciously and after taking into consideration all the factors involved in hair laser treatment.