Is it the labour pain?

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Is it the labour pain?

Is it the labour pain?

It’s the event you’ve been anticipating for months along with numerous uncertainties, particularly when it’s your first time. It’s obvious, if you are wondering about your labour pain. When will it happen? How will I identify this is the right time? How will I face the pain? Am I capable of coping with it? Although, every mother’s experience of labour is unique, but here is some important information for you. Also it is time you decide and take informed decision on Vaginal delivery or C-Section!

Pay attention to the signals your body is sending to tell you: Yes your baby is ready!!


  • You will have more cramps and backache.
  • Your will feel loosening and softening of ligaments.
  • You will undergo repeated bowel movements.
  • You will feel more exerted.
  • Your baby will begin to go down to get into position to make his exit.
  • Your cervix will start opening and thinning out.


  • Your vaginal discharge will vary. You’ll observe an increased and thickened discharge. This thickened and pinkish discharge is called the bloody show.
  • You will undergo stronger, recurrent contractions. Contractions are an early signal of active labor. You’ll feel as the muscles in uterus getting tighten in preparation for their immense moment. Contraction pain will start in your lower back and moves to your lower belly and legs.
  • Your water breaks. It’s actually one of the last signs of labor most women notice.


  • When you notice some bleeding or bright-red discharge (not brown or pinkish).
  • When your water breaks, particularly if fluid looks green or brown; this could be your newborn’s first stool; which is dangerous if your baby inhales it.
  • When you experience a headache, vision changes or sudden or severe swelling.

Try to keep calm and focus on your body movements. Make sure you have access to hospital when your due date is nearing!

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