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Labor & Delivery – Top 5 Fears!

Labor & Delivery – Top 5 Fears!

Whether it’s your first time or second, it’s natural to be scared. You may feel a little apprehensive as you are approaching your big day; some women may get intense fear that could actually affect their labor. The best way to fight your childbirth fears is to understand the reasons behind it.

Here are some labor fears and the realities to help ease your worries:

What if I am unable to reach hospital in time?

Generally, first-time labor lasts around 20 hours and it’s about eight hours for successive deliveries. So, there’s a plenty of time to reach hospital after experiencing the early signs of labor.

Pooping while pushing, embarrassment fear

As baby’s head squeezes your rectum and you’re pushing, so the stool in the rectum may come outDon’t feel bad, it usually means you are pushing it right. It is normal for the delivery nurses; they are able to quickly get rid of poop before you even realize.  You can also request for enema which helps clear the digestive tract and avoids the instances of pooping.

The big, EPIDURAL needle fear

The anesthesiologist will already numb the area where the epidural needle (4 inches long) will be inserted in your back. You’ll feel a bit burning sensation when the lidocaine is injected, but soon it vanishes. So do not worry too much.

Fear of tearing my vagina

An episiotomy or tearing is a process where the tissue between the vagina and the anus is cut to provide more room for baby. It is done to hurry birth only in an emergency. Usually, women have one small vaginal tear that only involves the lining of the vagina, doesn’t bleed and heals easily. Try perinea massage in advance to stretch your perineum and minimize your chances of vaginal tears.

Too much pain

Face it. However, fearing the pain will exaggerate your pain. Calm down and relax, this pain is for a positive purpose; to open your cervix and bring your baby into the world.

You can practice meditation or do yoga to relax yourself. Remember, it will be over soon. If talking to an old friend, or your mother helps, share your fears with them. They will be able to soothe you and talk you out of your fears.

Talk to your friend who is expecting soon, she might be facing such fears, help her out!