What should you know About Baby Movement?

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What should you know About Baby Movement?

What should you know About Baby Movement?

Understanding first Baby Movement: Quickening

During second trimester or between 16 to 25 weeks, you would start feeling quickening. First movements are more felt when mother is resting in a calm environment. Kicks are like slight twitches or baby tumbling kind of. By next trimesters, movements will be more prominent and you will feel on an average 30 times movement per hour.

When are babies inside womb more active?

Late evening around 9 till mid night say 1:00 am. This activeness is because of the change in mother’s blood sugar levels. Midnight, babies may react to sound or your own touch over the belly or similar stimulus.

How to count fetal or baby movement?

Generally a mother should sense at least 10 fetal movements every 2 hours. If movements are less, either your baby is not that active or in certain cases you need to refer to your doctor. Your doctor may advise Doppler test to test the fetal heart rate and the fetal movements. By 12th week, you should feel slight movements and by 25th week, movement leg movements will be more prominent; so no need to worry till then. Fewer movements may also mean that baby is sleeping most of the time. By the time you reach 32 weeks, movements are going to be less as the bay had grown bigger in size and there’s not going to be much space for baby’s movements. Quickening or baby’s first real movements happens by 20th week of the pregnancy.

At 14th week, some babies can move their eyes. By 15th week, thumb sucking can be seen commonly.

What can I do to feel the baby’s movement?

You can just lie down with your feet up, relax, you may feel slight movements. Have something healthy to eat, some healthy snacks or juice and you are more likely to feel movements.

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