When to start infant on solid foods?

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When to start infant on solid foods?

When to start infant on solid foods?

Initiating infants on solid foods is a vital milestone in a new mother’s life.

Pediatricians suggest that until around six months of age, breastfeed or infant formula milk meets all of your baby’s nutritional needs.

Even after introducing solid foods to your babies, breast milk or infant formula should not be stopped as these are still an important source of nutrition.

So ideal age to start your baby with solid or rather semi-solid foods is 6 months.

Along with the mashed food items you give to your baby as the first tastes, continue giving your breastfeed or infant formula to ensure your baby is adjusting well to the change in food patterns.

Here, read on to stay informed about how and when to start your baby on solids.

When your baby is approaching six months of age, solid foods should be introduced to meet baby’s increasing nutritional and developmental needs. Here are some signs telling that your baby is ready to start solid foods:

  • When baby is able to hold his head up and sit with some support.
  • When baby is able to control his tongue.
  • When baby is interested in what others eat. As baby has started looking, reaching and grabbing for food.
  • When baby seems hungry even after a full breastfeed or bottle.

Giving solid food to your baby too early is not good as baby’s swallowing skills may not be ready. Baby’s digestive system may also not be ready to deal with such foods. Also most importantly not to leave it too late to start solid foods as this can lead to some nutrient deficiencies and feeding problems.

Watch out for signs your baby gives you about his/her feed and hunger. Always remember, consult pediatrician before starting solid foods and check out whether your baby is ready for it.

Do you have questions regarding your infant’s growth and health? Ask anonymously to verified doctors at MediMetry.


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