Considering Gripe Water for Colicky baby?

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Considering Gripe Water for Colicky baby?

Considering Gripe Water for Colicky baby?

A very common worry of a new mom –

“My little one suffers from colic particularly in the evenings. I’ve been suggested to use gripe water, but is gripe water safe for my newborn?”

Gripe water is one of the several remedies for soothing your colicky baby. It is an herbal remedy for teething pain, colic, gastrointestinal problems or stomach ailments. It contains alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, ginger, dill seed oil, fennel, and chamomile. Now a days it is also available in alcohol as well as sucrose free versions.

Always prefer to consult your doctor first before using it. There are several brands available, follow these tips for choosing the best and the safest gripe water:

  • Read the ingredients cautiously. Avoid brands containing sodium bicarbonate. This can disturb the pH levels in the infant’s belly. Also, the brands containing vegetable carbon (charcoal), which may cause constipation or blackened stool, should be avoided. Gripe waters that are prepared from herbal oils are the safest and natural options.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Since each brand has different ingredients, so each will have different instructions. Before tearing the box, do read the label carefully. Some brands suggest avoiding it until your baby is at least one month old. Also, be sure how long you should use the product. Especially, what amount should be given to the baby according to weight and age?
  • Watch for allergies. There might be a chance that your baby could be allergic to any of the ingredients in the gripe water. Be watchful for allergenic symptoms like hives, watery eyes, and itchiness, swelling of the lips or tongue,vomiting, trouble swallowing or diarrhea, after giving gripe water. Always start with smaller doses, and if your baby is not showing any reactions then only increase the dosage upto the prescribed level.

If you’re not comfortable using Gripe water to calm your baby, try out some other ways like- switching formulas, a massage etc. Read some tips on soothing your colicky baby.

Watch out this space for helpful tips on keeping your baby safe during their first year.

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