Can I give Gripe Water to my Colicky Baby?

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Can I give Gripe Water to my Colicky Baby?

Can I give Gripe Water to my Colicky Baby?

Yes, you definitely can!

It is recommended for mothers to exclusively breastfeed their infants for first six months to attain natural growth, development and health. But, when your colicky baby cries for long hours, you just want to ease your little one. Gripe water is commonly suggested for quick relief. Let’s find out what it is and how it works?

What is Gripe water?

It is a liquid for infants with colic, gastrointestinal discomfort, reflux, teething pain, or other stomach ailments. Its ingredients differ, and may comprise alcohol, sodium bicarbonate,ginger,dill seed oil, fennel and chamomile. But today alcohol free gripe water is also available. The ingredients in gripe water neutralize the excess acid in the stomach and break down the trapped air bubbles; thereby relieving your baby of stomach trouble.

Is it baby friendly?

A month old baby can be given gripe water up to six times in a day (24 hours). However, it’s not safe for month old babies or babies prone to allergic reactions. Since every baby’s body reacts in a different way, so do consult your doctor before administering gripe water. Though it doesn’t have any evident side-effects, but if your baby gets some unusual symptoms, immediately take him/her to the doctor.

How do I give it to my baby?

The best time to give it to your baby is during, or immediately after a feed, as at this time baby’s digestive system will break down the bulky enzymes in milk, which may be the underlying cause for colic. Fill the dropper with the suggested dose to let your baby suck it or you can also squeeze few drops into baby’s mouth. Another way of administering gripe water is to add few drops to their feed.

Gripe water comes under various brands like Woodward’s, Dentin ox, Dabur, Infacol and Colief. Most importantly; whatever brand you use, do not use gripe water for more than 14 days of opening it and make sure you dispose it off properly.

Stay tuned for more updates on Gripe Water and how it should be used!

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