Go WorkOut with your baby!

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Go WorkOut with your baby!

Go WorkOut with your baby!

Welcome to our blog series to help new moms lose that pregnancy pouch. We hope the blog on eating right is indeed helping you! Here comes our next blog in the series to help you work out with your baby!

Being a new mom, you are undoubtedly busy from morning to night with changing diapers, nursing baby or with other home stuffs; but that doesn’t mean you can’t do an effective workout to lose that pregnancy weight. There are some simple moves that will work for your body and you can do them along with your baby. But, start doing these exercises after six weeks of delivery (probably more if you had a Cesarean section), and only with your doctors consent.

Stroller coaster Exercise Regime. Start doing exercise with your baby using a stroller. While doing the stroller walk, you can connect with your baby well. Initially start with 26-minute stroller workout thrice a week with your comfortable pace. If you’re a nursing mother, feed your baby before the workout so you won’t have to stop in between.

Some points to be noted-

For beginner: Warm up for atleast 5 minutes. Start with a moderate pace with your shoulders back, spine straight and keeping stroller 6 to 10 inches away from your hips. The walking interval should be 18 minutes. While ending, cool down for last 3 minutes. Slow down and walk at an easy pace.

For mediocre: After 6-8 days , your breathing will not be a challenge anymore ; comfortably increase your speed. Remember to cool down at the end.

For advanced: Now, you can increase the duration and frequency of your stroller workouts. Never increase the duration, frequency and intensity at the same time.

Before practicing the above, judge your baby’s age and physical development.

0 to 6 months old infants don’t develop good head and neck control. Use a stroller that reclines fully so your baby can lie flat on her/his back.

6 months plus infants are able to sit up and have good neck control to withstand the bouncy ride of a workout in a jogging stroller.

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Share this informative blog and spread the awareness about fitness amongst new moms!