Get rid of Painful Arthritis

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Get rid of Painful Arthritis

Get rid of Painful Arthritis

Suffering from arthritis pain?

It may not be restricted to a specific part of the body; rather you can experience the arthritis pain in joints such as knees, shoulder, hips and other joints of the body. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis. The severity of arthritis can vary from mild to severe depending on the type and origin of pain.

These 5 home remedies can help you manage arthritis pain.

Turmeric & Ginger Tea: Turmeric and ginger are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In addition, it lowers the levels of enzymes responsible for causing inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar: This mix is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Take a cup of warm water, one teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey. Drink this solution daily in the morning as it gives an alkalizing effect.

Use Hot and Cold Therapy: Long, warm showers (especially in the morning) help ease stiffness in your joints. Cold treatments are best for relieving joint pain.

Epsom salt soak: Epsom salt rich in magnesium which regulate the pH levels in the body as certain inflammatory diseases such as arthritis are caused by high acidity levels in the body.

Exercise: Exercise is crucial for those who suffer from arthritis or any other type of joint pains.

Free yourself of unbearable arthritis pain with these simple home remedies!

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