How Gestational Diabetes Will Affect Me As A Mother?

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How Gestational Diabetes Will Affect Me As A Mother?

How Gestational Diabetes Will Affect Me As A Mother?

You have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and it’s obvious to get worried about its affects on you and your baby. We have already discussed its effects on baby. Here are various aspects of Gestational diabetes related to the mother, both during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy:

Having gestational diabetes, increases the chances of certain pregnancy complications. For this, your doctor will watch your and your baby’s health closely for the rest of your pregnancy.

  • You may experience miscarriage.
  • You may develop high blood pressure or preeclampsia.
  • During last trimester, your unborn can get access weight resulting big baby and to deliver such a big baby cesarean section is recommended.
  • You may also have pre-term birth.

During labor or delivery:

Mostly women having gestational diabetes make it safely to their due dates and labor begins naturally. Be cautious about-

  • Keeping your blood sugar level under control during labor and delivery is essential for your own and your baby’s health. If you have taken insulin during pregnancy, you will receive insulin shot when labor starts or you may get it directly in your bloodstream.
  • During labor there are chances of getting high blood pressure or preeclampsia. The only way to prevent this is to deliver the baby early.
  • Cesarean delivery would be suggested instead of vaginal birth; as baby could get certain fractures or to avoid complications like fluctuating blood sugar level or blood pressure issues which may arise during vaginal birth.

After delivery:

  • Diabetes normally goes after birth. Once you have the baby, your body would be able to use its insulin more successfully.
  • You are now prone to develop diabetes in your future pregnancies also.
  • You should get tested for diabetes 6 to 12 weeks after delivery. And have checkups at least every three years to detect diabetes if it does occur in advance.
  • You have to keep your weight under control and have to do regular physical activities.

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