Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy!

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Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy!

Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy!

The news of being pregnant fills you with numerous joys and hopes of beautiful future. At this time, last thing you want to learn is a problem or expected problem during pregnancy. But there are certain diseases that emerge with pregnancy only; and Gestational Diabetes is one of them.

You must be having several queries regarding this problem in your mind like-What this means? How it happens? How I would know; I have it or not? What are its symptoms and treatment? How is it going to affect me and my baby? To help you with all these queries, we are running down a series of blogs on Gestational Diabetes for you.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

This is a type of diabetes that about 10% of women get while pregnancy. Good news is that; after delivery, you may not have the diabetes anymore.

Medically, this happens when your blood sugar (glucose) level increases which also means your body isn’t producing enough amount of hormone (called insulin) during pregnancy. Insulin breakdowns blood sugar to get energy and stores extra blood sugar, especially from mid-pregnancy onwards.

Do I have Gestational Diabetes?

You are prone to have gestational diabetes if your body mass index (BMI) >= 30 or if you have previously given birth to a baby weighing 4.5kg or more, and/or you had gestational diabetes in your last pregnancy.

Your doctor will test between 24 and 28 weeks of gestation to see if you have gestational diabetes. For test, you will be given a sugary water to drink it quickly to raise your blood sugar level. After an hour, you’ll be tested to see how your body responded to that sugar. If it is found that your blood sugar is 140 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or greater, you will have to fast for a few hours for another blood test. If your reports are normal, but you have a high risk of getting it, you will need another test later to make sure you still don’t have it.

What are its symptoms?

There are no particular symptoms, but you may:

  • Get tired easily
  • Dry mouth and be very thirsty
  • Get chronic infections like thrush
  • Blurred vision

Further for prevention and treatment, stay tuned for more blogs in this series.. coming soon!!

How to manage Gestational Diabetes?

If you are worried, how it will affect my baby? Learn more through blogs on…

Do’s & Don’ts of Gestational Diabetes.

How does it affect me/mother?


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