How Gestational Diabetes Going To Affect My Baby?

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How is Gestational Diabetes Going To Affect My Baby?

How is Gestational Diabetes Going To Affect My Baby?

It is a genuine question asked by women having gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Even though if you are suffering from gestational diabetes, you will give birth to a healthy baby; but only, if you have maintained your blood sugar under control, taken healthy diet, done regular moderate physical activities and maintained a healthy weight throughout pregnancy. But, in some cases, it can have an effect on the baby. To find out how to manage gestational diabetes, read our previous blog in the series.

Now the most important and worrying question, how will gestational diabetes affect my unborn baby?

If your diabetes is not under control, it can cross the placenta and affect your baby. Baby could be at a risk of growing bigger than usual. This condition is also called Macrosomia. Bigger babies are preferred to be delivered through cesarean section as sometimes they get injured by natural delivery through the vagina. It also increases the risk of serious birth problems.

Uncontrolled diabetes can also result in too much water or amniotic fluid around the baby, such condition is known as Polyhydramnios. In very rare conditions, it can result in a stillborn baby.

How will it affect my newborn – post birth?

After birth the following health situations can be noticed:

  • Hypoglycemia – In this condition, baby’s blood sugar is too low. You are advised to breastfeed him/her immediately after birth to supply more glucose into the baby’s system. If it’s not possible, the baby would be given glucose through a thin tube directly into the blood.
  • Jaundice – Baby may develop jaundice; in which baby’s skin turns yellowish; white parts of the eyes also changes color. It can be easily treated through Phototherapy; although jaundice is not a serious problem for the baby.
  • Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) – Baby can have trouble breathing. The baby would be assisted by oxygen or other breathing help if he or she has RDS.
  • Low Calcium and Magnesium Levels – Baby could develop a condition that can cause spasms in hands and feet or cramping muscles. This condition can also be treated by giving calcium and magnesium supplements to the baby.

Do not worry, if you have gestational diabetes, you can pass through your pregnancy in good health conditions and deliver a healthy baby if you follow doctor’s recommendations and a healthy lifestyle.

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How does it affect the mother?

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