Is formula feeding challenging for you?

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Is formula feeding challenging for you?

Is formula feeding challenging for you?

Doctor’s recommend mother’s feed for first 6 months, and then gradually start building habit of bottle feeding. But there could be many circumstances leading to your inability to breastfeed your infant, so formula feed is the alternative. Initially it may be an emotionally tiresome task requiring utmost patience. But relax, it is not rocket science and gradually your baby will adapt to formula feed.

Some quick tricks from the experts:

  • Sit in a relaxed as well as comfortable position both for yourself and the baby. Tuck a pillow to provide support in the comfortable position. Try to take a position which does not remind your baby of breast feeding. Try distracting your baby by position like back against your chest and looking out of a window, at a TV, or mobile.
  • Ensure to pat baby on the back by holding her or him up your chest. This helps remove any air bubbles your baby might have taken in while feeding. This should be done even if you are breast feeding.
  • If a bottle is new to your baby, and he or she is about to start with a nanny or in a day care. Your baby is more likely to take a bottle when someone other than Mom offers it.
  • If your baby has developed habit of using a pacifier, you can have a nipple with a similar shape and then gradually move to the bottle.

It is a myth that formula fed babies do not connect emotionally with their mothers, when compared to breast fed babies. Ensure you spend enough time with your baby to build the emotional connection, it is not the breast feeding but the valuable time you spend while feeding your baby.

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