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Foods that cause Cancer

Foods that cause Cancer

Today if you know someone who is diagnosed with Cancer, people just say its bad luck. Some people are often awestruck that he / she lead such a healthy lifestyle and still got diagnosed with Cancer. How could this be possible? And if you ask the experts, they would associate everything with Cancer – and it’s hard to determine what to really stay away from.

Alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise and poor diets have all been shown to increase the risk of cancer – but few of us realize this.

While you think you may be doing the right thing for your health by drinking diet sodas or low-calorie popcorn, you’re actually eating some of the worst cancer-causing foods out there.

Here’s our attempt to bring top 10 carcinogen culprits that you probably eat very often.

Microwave popcorn


Is this quick and tasty snack worth risking yourself for liver, testicular and pancreatic cancer? The microwave popcorn bags you have in your cabinet are lined with carcinogenic chemicals AND so is a chemical in the popcorn itself, which creates the artificial butter flavor. Switch to the old-fashioned stove top or a kernel popping machine like you see at movie theaters.

Potato chips


These chips cause weight gain because of their high trans-fat content and they have excessive sodium levels which cause problems like high BP and hypertension.  They also contain acrymalide, a known carcinogen found in cigarettes.

Hydrogenated Oils


Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils that are chemically removed as they can’t be naturally extracted. These are linked to cancer, birth defects, heart disease and many other fatalities. NEVER cook with hydrogenated oils and check your labels for healthy oils like olive, soy and canola instead.

Processed White Flour (Maida)


Chemically-bleaching flour with chlorine gas kills all of its healthy nutrients. Chlorine gas can be deadly when inhaled, so why would we want it in our dinner? White flour also contains a high glycemic rate, which raises blood sugar and insulin levels and can directly cause diabetes. Cancerous tumors feed on sugar in the bloodstream, so by avoiding refined grains like processed white flour, you can avoid or starve deadly tumors.

Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame found in artificial sweeteners has been known to cause convulsions, cataracts and gastro paresis. Another deadly toxin called DKP forms in the body from these fake sweets that produces cancer-causing chemicals, especially brain tumors. Also, artificial sweeteners do nothing to inhibit the body’s ability to monitor its daily calorie consumption, making us crave sweets even more. While many people choose artificial sweeteners to lose weight, they are actually doing way worse damage to the body. People who consume artificial sweeteners in soda, coffee or diet-candy actually end up gaining weight and it does nothing to help those with diabetes.[/two-thirds][/row]

Diet foods (Low fat / Fat Free)


Chemical artificial sweetener aspartame, again, is the big culprit, causing cancer, birth defects and heart problems. Think about it – anything “diet” is chemically processed and not REAL food. These foods also contain additives like ones found in cocaine to make you feel good, but also be addicting. Be smart and eat nature’s delicious, natural foods – organic only, of course!

Soft drinks


Think the occasional soda won’t hurt? Studies have shown that only drinking two sodas per week nearly doubles the risk of pancreatic cancer. Soft drinks, soda… no matter what you call it, it’s still detrimental to your health! Soda is packed full of calories, sugar and artificial ingredients, and has ZERO nutritional benefit. One can of soda contains about ten packets of sugar and most popular diet and sugared sodas are nearly as corrosive to dental enamel as battery acid. There are plenty of alternatives out there, so next time you’re craving something sweet, think about what you’re putting into your body.

Over cooked foods (Burnt toasts, meat)


There are chemicals in burnt toast that have been linked with cancers in both animals and humans. So it’s certainly not the healthiest snack and is probably better avoided. The most well-known chemical in burnt toast is acrylamide, which is produced when sugars and certain amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – are heated together during the cooking process.

This potentially harmful chemical is mainly found in starchy foods such as potatoes (and other potato products), along with baked goods, including bread and, of course, toast.

The level of acrylamide in these foods increases with higher cooking temperatures and longer cooking times.

Alcohol & Tobacco


Excessive alcohol use is the biggest cause of mouth, esophagus, liver, colon, mouth, rectum and breast cancers. Alcohol use is the second leading cause of cancer, right behind tobacco use. While a moderate or low consumption of alcohol can be healthy and lead to a reduced risk of heart disease, excessive drinking is known to cause heart failure, stroke, and sudden death. Don’t worry! You don’t need to give up your glass of wine with dinner, but, for your health’s sake, stick to one.

Non Organic produce (Fruits / vegetables)

You’re not alone in thinking ALL fruits and vegetables are good for you, but there are actually many dangerous pesticides sprayed on non-organic fruits that are linked to cancer. Another problem with non-organic farmed produce is the use of toxic fertilizers and hormones used to make fruits and veggies bigger. In case you were wondering, the worst offenders are apples, followed by oranges, strawberries and grapes. ALWAYS wash fruits and veggies to be safe, but know that this doesn’t remove all pesticides.