Stay Safe off First trimester troubles!!

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Stay Safe off First trimester troubles!!

Stay Safe off First trimester troubles!!

Pregnancy – A very precious phase in one’s life, filled with lots of excitements, emotions and anxieties; especially if you are a first time mom. You are going to experience numerous changes in your body, particularly during first three months of your pregnancy. Some symptoms or changes are normal during these days, but others could be alarming. Always speak to your doctor about your issues.

Some alarming issues you should be careful about:

Vaginal bleeding. Some spotting during first trimester is normal, but if you experience heavy bleeding with cramps, it could be miscarriage.  If you are having severe, lower abdominal pain along with bleeding, it could be an ectopic pregnancy. Any type of bleeding during pregnancy should never be ignored.

Unbearable nausea and vomiting. Generally, morning sickness or nausea and vomiting are normal. But if it’s making you dehydrated, causing dizziness, weight loss or an imbalance of electrolyte; it might be an alarming situation! Plus, if you are unable to retain liquids in your body for long and feel to urinate immediately or you are not urinating at all, you should call the doctor as soon as possible. .

Flu. Fever greater than 101 degree Fahrenheit with body ache, rashes and joint pain, typically a sign of infection such as cytomegalovirus or parvovirus or toxo plasma. It’s essential for pregnant women to get the flu vaccine in advance.

Certain infections. Vaginal discharge with itching may be an indication of sexually transmitted diseases. Pain or burning during urination, may be a sign of urinary tract infection. Such infections should be treated accordingly otherwise, it could harm the baby or even cause pre-term labor.

Having one-sided swelling, acute headache or leg pain. These problems are not common during early pregnancy, could be a result of blood clots. If you are already having a problem of blood clots, discuss it with your doctor.

So, follow the above clues to avoid big troubles. Don’t panic, if you experience any one. Just consult your doctor and follow the instructions.

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