First Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

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First Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

First Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

First trimester of pregnancy is a blend of excitement, surprises and nervousness.  Between coping with the changes both mentally and physically, some mother feel great and some may feel horrible. Some may feel fatigued all the time yet unable to sleep.

Listed below are some of the reasons -why sleeping is a challenge, how to resolve these challenges and get good rest during the first trimester

First Trimester Sleep Challenges

  • Sleepy or Lacking Energy. Rise of progesterone (hormones essential for the maintenance of pregnancy) is one of the reasons behind increased drowsiness and fatigue in the pregnant women. During first trimester, you will find an increase in total sleep time but decrease in deep sleep from pre-pregnancy.
  • Discomfort with Body Changes. As your body changes, uneasiness will make it tough to fall and stay asleep. Tender or sore breasts may make sleeping on your front a challenge.
  • Urinary Frequency. Your raised progesterone level and a growing uterus are pushing against the bladder, resulting in frequent urination and increase number of bathroom visits.
  • Nausea. Morning sickness, which is quite common in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, can strike any time forcing you to get up with nauseous feeling.


  • Plan. Prepare a schedule and prioritize your sleep. Sleep while you can, in order to avoid sleep debt, get some extra naps whenever you can.
  • Drink lots of water. Consume abundance of fluids during day time, particularly water, but cut down the amount after 6 pm. This will curtail your bathroom visits at night and hence avoid getting up in the night to pee.
  • Eat bland snacks like crackers. Before sleeping consume bland snacks to avoid nauseous feeling in the morning.
  • Sleep on left side. It is the perfect time to start sleeping on your left side to get better flow of blood and nutrients to your fetus and to help your kidneys to eliminate waste and fluids. Also you get used to the habit and do not face trouble during the later trimesters.
  • Exercise. Do some physical activities in the morning, afternoon and in early evening to promote sound sleep.

Prepare yourself for the sleep challenges in second trimester!

Share these simple tips and help someone in resting better during pregnancy.

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