Fighting Hyperacidity

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Fighting Hyperacidity

Fighting Hyperacidity

Hyperacidity is a common problem these days; usually it happens as a result of consumption of spicy or oily foods. Though that is not the only reason, you can also develop hyper-acidity if you are habitual of irregular meal timings and consuming less quantity of water in daily diet. Best way to solve this problem is to stick to your daily routine and drink atleast 5 liters of water daily. Still if you feel hyper-acidic, try these quick home remedies for immediate relief to hyperacidity:

1. Basil or Tulsi

Eat tulsi leaves when you feel acidity. You can also consume water containing chopped mint leaves.

2. Aniseed or Saunf

Saunf, as we know it commonly in India, is known for its digestive capabilities. Soak one tablespoon aniseed in water overnight. Strain water and add little honey. Drink this water in morning; you will observe positive changes in your acidic levels.

3. Fruits

Not all fruits are good in acidity. You can safely consume banana, watermelon, papaya and cucumber to get instant relief from acidity.

4. Clove or Laung

A small piece of clove can do wonders if you have acidity. It gives instant relief. If you are feeling acidity, put one piece of clove in your mouth and suck its juice. Saliva formation along with clove’s juice helps in relieving acidity immediately.

5. Jaggery or Gud

Jaggery has many health benefits and is recommended by nutritionists as a natural alternative to sugar. It is good for digestion and is commonly consumed post meals. Another reason behind its consumption is that it soothes acidity.

Ignoring hyper-acidity can lead to heart and stomach problems in future. You can rely on above listed remedies for getting immediate relief from acidity. But being hyper-acidic is an indication of unhealthy lifestyle. You should include focused exercise routine, practice disciplined meal timings and avoid outside food to get rid of hyper-acidity completely.

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