Fetal Development - Conception Stage

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Fetal Development – Conception Stage

Fetal Development – Conception Stage

Pregnancy, the word itself comprises of numerous feelings, unexpected emotions, several changes and much more. It’s a precious journey of nine months including process of fetal development from a minute mass of cells into a fully developed baby. Here we are running down a series for you to show how your baby is growing inside you week by week. Read out stage by stage and experience growth of your baby.

Let’s begin with the first stage, which is Conception.

First Stage – CONCEPTION!

Medically, due date or gestation age is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period. Therefore it seems difficult to find out exactly when you’re ovulating and when your egg got fertilized. This means that your first official week of pregnancy is actually the week of your last period and your baby’s real age is two weeks less than his gestational age.

During the second week – estrogen triggers the womb (uterus) to form a blood-rich lush lining of tissue. An increased level of hormone progesterone is required by your uterus to hold up a fertilized egg. And simultaneously, the ovaries ripen eggs in fluid-filled sacs. During this concise period of body’s preparation, conception results after meeting of a sperm and the egg.

During third week, the process actually starts up. Ovulation takes place around mid-cycle that is 14th day of a typical 28-days cycle. In next 12 to 24 hours, egg can be fertilized by one of 350 million sperm swimming all the way to the fallopian tube through your vagina.

Once egg gets fertilized (called a zygote) it immediately closes its membrane for the rest of the sperms. Then it divides into identical cells and sweeps down the fallopian tube to the uterus for further growth. Possibly you won’t identify that you’re pregnant for a few coming weeks, until you observe a missed period or start observing typical pregnancy symptoms.

Remember – Every fetal development is different. We are presenting a general idea of how a fetus grows in your uterus.

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