Preparing for Labor? Consider Enema!

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Preparing for Labor? Consider Enema!

Preparing for Labor? Consider Enema!

During your complete pregnancy, you must have come across numerous crazy and embarrassing stories from other mothers. A very common embarrassing situation that many pregnant women talk about is the pooping while pushing during labor. In fact this is out of one’s control, especially when you are applying pressure on the pelvis.

Enema is considered as an effective way to clean your bowel before delivery process.

What is enema?

Enema is a fluid injected in the rectum to clear out your bowels before the commencement of labor. This is particularly done to eliminate the probability of pooping while applying pressure to deliver the baby.

Is it a compulsion or a choice?

Enema is completely optional and not mandatory. Generally, enema is proffered under some situations like:

  • When you are not able to clean bowels on your own before labor.
  • When you are having constipation during labor.
  • When you are required to induce labor pains.

If you are already prepared to tackle the labor, your doctor will not insist you on enema.

How Enema and Labor are related?

Enema is a time tested method to stimulate labor naturally.

  • If you have crossed your due date and still devoid of strong contractions, you will be induced labor by administering enema.
  • While passing out bowels the pressure on the rectum stimulates the abdominal muscles, and labor starts.
  • Discuss the details of the procedure with doctor.

Remember, Labor and bowels are natural processes. It is important to remain calm and happy to welcome new one.

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