Effective Ways to Increase Weight Gain in Newborns

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Effective Ways to Increase Weight Gain in Newborns

Effective Ways to Increase Weight Gain in Newborns

Parents need to work with a pediatrician or a child specialist to understand the weight gain in newborns. It is important to realize first whether the baby is gaining too much weight or is the baby is not gaining weight proportionately.

There have weight gain scales to measure the baby’s weight appropriately. There might be some factors responsible for improper weight gain in infants.

Weight gain in newborns – Poor breastfeeding results in low weight gain.

  • Is the baby relying more on high calorific foods?
  • Is baby wetting plenty of diapers?
  • What is the baby’s breastfeeding pattern? Is it frequent?
  • Is the baby suffering from illness?
  • Is the baby put on high pacifier usage?
  • What is the breast switching time during breastfeeding?
  • Is the baby latching properly?
  • Is mom producing enough breast milk?
  • Is your baby allergic to something?
  • Is the baby anemic or urinary tract infections?

6 Effective Ways to Increase Weight Gain in Newborns

1. Control solid food intake of babies. Either decrease or hold on for some time because breast milk have enough nutrients, vitamins and adequate fat for a breastfed baby.

2. Bond more with the baby and making the baby lying and sleeping close in your arms intensifies prolactin and regular nursing.

3. Baby massage helps to improve blood flow, aids digestion, helps against gastritis and an overall improves weight gain.

4. Frequent nursing helps though not over-nursing. Two- hourly breastfeeding and very less formula feeding or solid foods will accelerate infant’s ability to take in more milk.

5. A baby should be allowed to finish one side breast milk and then switch onto the other breast for lactation. If the baby feels like sleeping meanwhile, that should not be any problem for a mother.

6. To help produce adequate breast milk, regular breast massage and breast pumping for about 5 to 10 minutes without interruption for a mother will help her a lot. Removing fore milk and feeding more and more hind milk is very important because the latter one is highly nutritious and richer in nutrients. This is more beneficial for working mothers or babies dependent more on expressed milk.

Breastfed milk is highly rich in fat and has high calorific value comparatively to formula fed milk so there should be substantial Weight Gain in Newborns.

Do you have questions regarding your infant’s growth and health? Ask anonymously to verified pediatrician at MediMetry.


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