Eclipse in Pregnancy- Myth or Science?

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Eclipse in Pregnancy- Myth or Science?

Eclipse in Pregnancy- Myth or Science?

Pregnancy is a very crucial and exciting period for every woman as you are nurturing a tiny life inside your womb. Therefore, the moment you conceive, you will start receiving lots of instructions from everywhere; which leaves you confused, especially when it is your first pregnancy!

Encountering Eclipse in pregnancy is one of these. For centuries, there have been myths about bad affects of an eclipse on a pregnant woman and on an unborn baby. Here is some information that can help you to understand if an eclipse is really an omen or just a simple science-based logic.

Myth or Science?

1. Don’t look at the Sun and remain inside.

Yes, logically this is true. Not only for pregnant women, rather is it recommended for all. The reason behind this is Sun’s radiations, which are harmful when looked at directly or can even burn your eye retina and you may develop ‘eclipse blindness’.

2. Don’t eat, drink or cook during an Eclipse.

This is partially true; as the Sun rays are very important for our survival, so their absence during eclipse can promote growth of harmful microbes and germs. During eclipses, the sun rays being blocked, there is a rapid drop in temperature causing such harmful microbes, bacteria and germs development. These can contaminate food items as well as perishable item. Such food can be harmful for you and your baby.

It is recommended you should not eat any food kept for long hours but there is no scientific proof that you cannot prepare something fresh and consume it during the eclipse. Since you are pregnant, you are bound to feel hungry from time to time, so make sure you do not get dehydrated or stay hungry for long time during this period.

Some other odd restrictions you might hear include:

–          Stay away from sharp objects like knife, needle, scissor,

–          Do not let even a sneak peek of sunlight on you, rest in a darkened room

–          Take bath after its over

Though the list is long, there is no scientific proof to these premonitions. Scientifically, an eclipse (either solar or Lunar) is a spectacular natural phenomenon in which the sun, the moon and the earth, all three come in one straight line. There is no such evidence of harming a pregnant lady or her baby.

Genuinely, eclipse should not be looked upon as an omen. Furthermore, whenever your elders warn you, take it in good spirit and utilize the time to rest well!

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