Early Signs of Pregnancy: White Vaginal Discharge

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Early Signs of Pregnancy: White Vaginal Discharge

Early Signs of Pregnancy: White Vaginal Discharge

Yes, it was a white vaginal discharge!!!
Am I pregnant???

Well! The chances are that yes but you need to have a pregnancy test done from your doctor.

White discharge before periods is also common. It is like a thick mucus discharge that is discharged from your cervix. It is colorless and odorless actually. This vaginal discharge starts from a female’s puberty stage and will secrete accordingly until a female matures and ends up with her menopause.

White discharge in case of delayed periods means that either you have conceived recently or you are already pregnant. You will have missed periods and your pregnancy test will confirm that. This white vaginal discharge may give you an early pregnancy symptom. This discharge is more frequent and thick during pregnancy. It will be either colorless or milky sort of and not smelly at all unless you don’t have an infection.

This white vaginal discharge is known as leucorrhea and they are often an indication of ovulation and associated with a woman’s fertility. A fertile cervical mucus will have lots of semen and they will be a carrier for the sperms towards the egg from inside a woman’s vagina. The egg will get fertilized and the conception will begin.

The reason for why this leucorrhea increases is because during pregnancy, the cervix and a woman’s vagina becomes very soft. The flow gets heavy or thicker and may itch at times. Otherwise this discharge doesn’t creates any problem, just that a pregnant woman may feel little wetly but it becomes problem if she gets an infection from the discharge. The color may change to yellow or it itches a lot, it’s smelly or you feel pain during pregnancy while having sex or while urinating. You need to consult a doctor and use sanitary napkins if the flow is thick.

To avoid infection, maintain personal hygiene, change panties when required and keep the genitals clean by regularly washing them. Seek your doctor’s advice if she can suggest you some ointment for itchy genitals or suppositories. This discharge acts like antibiotics and keeps you and the fetus free from any harmful bacteria and infection.

Avoid using deodorants underneath, don’t itch with your finger during white vaginal discharge, and use soft and comfortable large sized lingerie.

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