7 Pains you should not IGNORE!

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7 Pains you should not IGNORE!!

7 Pains you should not IGNORE!!

You should not let every pain and ache affect you so much that you keep worrying about it all the time! But there are certain pains which if accompanied with fever could be a symptom of a critical health problem. Such pains should not be ignored. Let us read about these pains in more detail.

  1. Abdomen Pain

Abdomen pain could be common, but here we are talking about a dull intensity pain which happens in the lower right part of the abdomen. This pain could signify, Appendicitis. In such a case, the pain increases over a period of 24 hours and you should immediately contact a doctor. It originates from the centre area of the stomach and extends towards the right area. It could become a critical condition if the appendix ruptures which may also lead to infection in the body.


To not get yourself worried up in vain, here are some symptoms which can help you identify if it is a serious condition:

  1. Press down on your stomach and let go immediately. If it pains while letting go then it is a symptom, confirm with the next one.
  2. Touch your knee with head and now try to push down with pressure. If it pains, please visit the doctor.
  1. Ache in shoulder blades

If you ever experience a sharp ache rising between the shoulder blades, do not ignore it; it could be symptom for heart attack. You need an immediate care if you are experiencing symptoms such as

  1. ache in shoulder blades,
  2. nauseousness,
  3. shortness of breath, and
  4. jaw pain.

These are unusual symptoms for heart ache and more prominent in women. You should immediately ask for help and visit the doctor.

  1. Tooth Ache

Tooth ache could be common but if its intensity is so high that it wakes you up from the sleep then you need to worry! The health problem behind this could be teeth grinding.

Symptoms behind teeth grinding would be:

  1. Inflammation in tooth,
  2. Clenching of teeth, and
  3. Wearing away of protective enamel on tooth

If not given proper attention it could even lead to cracking down of the teeth; so you need to contact your dentist and take proper treatment for the same. Usually the dentists recommend use of night guard.

  1. Mid-Back pain

Back pain in lower and upper back is quite common owing to our lifestyle; long sitting hours of job and extensive travelling. But the mid-back pain should not be taken for granted. It could signify a kidney infection if accompanied with fever. Usually this condition originates because of bacterial infection in kidney, spreading to the urinary tract; increasing the severity of the infection.

Symptoms to look out for:

  1. Fever,
  2. Mid-back pain and,
  3. Pain while urinating

It is a likely condition in women and should not be left untreated.

  1. Calf ache

By calf ache, we are not referring to normal muscle pain which usually happens because of over-exercising but a condition in which only a specific area of the leg pains. The condition could be deep vein thrombosis or DVT, which happens because of a blood clot in veins. Do not delay seeing a doctor if symptoms such as following persist:

  1. Red & warm spot on the leg,
  2. Swollen leg,
  3. Worsened pain in the leg and
  4. Movement of the clot.

The situation could get worsened if doctor’s attention is not given at the right time. It could lead to heart attack, affect lungs, stop blood flow, or even a brain stroke.

  1. Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are quite common in women but if it does not get cured with medication, it could signify a critical health problem, Endometriosis. This condition can affect fertility and is a very common in almost 60% of women. It usually arises when the uterus lining grows at the wrong place. If nothing works out, your doctor may recommend getting the tissue to be removed surgically.

  1. Headache with feeling of a “thunderclap”

Headaches are quite common now and then, but if the pain persists even after taking medication then it is indeed time to go visit a doctor. If you experience sudden shooting pain in the head which does not go away with medicines, it is time to get in touch with a doctor.  It could be aneurysm, where an artery bleeds in the brain. Avoid taking aspirin in such a condition, it could increase the bleeding.  Your life could be in danger if a doctor is not consulted well in time. This condition might be confused with migraine but migraine’s symptoms are slightly different such as nausea, light & sound sensitivity and it increases gradually.

Focus on the signals your body is sending you in form of such pains and fever. Do not ignore them and consult a doctor immediately.