Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk? Which is best?

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Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk? Which is best?

Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk? Which is best?

Before deciding between cow milk and buffalo milk, which will be best for your baby, first see the age of your infant or baby.

There are 2 cases:

Case 1: Infant stage

For a newly born baby, World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends mother’s milk for the infants. WHO also observes World Breastfeeding Day all over the globe. By breastfeeding your baby, you are supplying all the necessary nutrients that a newly born baby requires. An infant’s immune system is yet not strong, and for its development, you don’t have to give him cow milk or buffalo milk. For developing and strengthening the immune system, the infant has to be strictly on mother’s feed. All the required vitamins, minerals and proteins will reach the infant through breast milk. Usually all the infants enjoy breast milk but some start disliking or avoiding the breast milk after few months and some depend wholly on mother’s feed. Every child is different. After your baby is over 6 months, the infant can be introduced to cow milk or buffalo milk but in restricted quantities.

Case 2: Weaning stage

– Does your baby demands more milk?
– Are you a working mother now?
– Do you have problems feeding your baby?
– Is the weaning time for your baby near?

By 6 months, the immune system of your baby has got better and to strengthen it further, you can increase your baby’s diet. In fact, a stage will come soon when your baby will demand milk itself. A nursing mother would prefer to give cow milk, buffalo milk, or Soy milk, or other formula milk to its baby.

Starting with solid foods is not the right time yet although it differs from baby to baby. Most babies will still be on milk or fluid diet like juices, etc.

Milk is the natural energy diet for every growing infant. At this stage, other milk can be introduced in the form of cow milk or buffalo milk.

Although cow milk is lighter as compared to buffalo milk, still it is not recommended by many doctors and pediatricians.

cow milk or buffalo milk

Cow Milk vs. Buffalo Milk

Cow milk has less percentage of fat as compared to buffalo milk so buffalo milk will take some extra time to digest inside the baby and the baby feels filler for some time period. With buffalo milk, it has thin consistency of fat, so digested quickly.

Calcium present in buffalo milk is more as compared to cow milk. Calcium is required in adequate quantities for not only a growing baby but also for children because it helps in bone formation. The stronger the bones, the stronger, healthier and taller the bay will be with its growing age.

Buffalo milk has high calorific value than to cow milk, which is 30% lesser. For adults trying to lose weight, buffalo milk isn’t a good choice but for babies to be stronger, it is highly beneficial.

Buffalo milk is highly rich in protein as compared to cow milk, which is 11% lesser. An infant’s immune system is not that strong that it can digest proteins easily. For babies, they can be given buffalo milk but in limited quantities.

Water constituency in cow milk is higher so it won’t cause dehydration in infants and babies but buffalo milk will act like a fuller.

You must start introducing cow or most preferable buffalo milk in your baby’s healthy diet schedule now. Start introducing in smaller quantities, properly boiled and cooled down. You can have curd or yogurt from buffalo milk or make Indian milk based recipes for your babies from buffalo milk. Once your baby is able to digest this heavy buffalo milk, you can go on increasing the quantities after every few weeks so that he doesn’t faces colic problems or gastritis problems.

Breastfeeding should be continued side by side and slowly reduced because after a certain age your baby will not get much iron from your milk as it will get from buffalo milk or other formula milk.

If your baby doesn’t like formula milk and you need tips to start weaning for your baby, please feel free to write to us.

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Comment ( 1 )

  1. User
    July 24, 2016 at 9:50 PM
    Do buffalo milk contains iron? I m giving around 100 ml of buffalo milk to my baby daily . She digests it very well.She is 8 months old . Along with that she takes my feed as well as half chapatti with butter and vegetable or dal. She does not like cerelac now not even any fruit. Plz let me know by giving these foods is there any need to give her any iron supplement extra becuz she do not take any supplement now?

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