Conjunctivitis in Babies – Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment

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Conjunctivitis in Babies – Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment

Conjunctivitis in Babies – Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment

Pink eye or Conjunctivitis in babies is a medical issue that causes redness and swelling on the thin layer that covers the front of the eye. Pinkeye commonly occurs in babies older than two months, as they touch their eyes repeatedly that could spread the infection. Being contagious; the infection initially starts in one eye and then pass on to the other eye.

General causes of Conjunctivitis are

  • Bacterial or Viral infection – infection passing through someone or surroundings.
  • Allergic reaction – caused by allergens such as such as dust, pollen, smoke or pet fur.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis are

  • Redness or pinkness of the eye.
  • Itchy and swollen eye.
  • Irritating or watering eye.
  • Sticky eyelashes upon waking.

Whenever you find any of these symptoms in your baby, immediately take your baby to the doctor.

Good hygiene can prevent you and your baby from conjunctivitis

  • Maintain distance from infected persons.
  • Do not share towels, handkerchiefs, tissues, pillows, eye make-up and even eye drops. Prefer to wash baby’s towel, clothes and bed linen separately with warm water.
  • Do not touch and rub baby’s eyes.
  • Clean your baby’s eyes with sterilized fresh cotton bar each time.
  • Wash your hands properly before feeding your baby and at once after applying the eye drops or ointment.


  • Conjunctivitis caused by a virus generally goes away without any treatment.
  • In case of a bacterial infection, doctor will prescribe antibiotic eye drops or ointment.
  • In allergic conjunctivitis; anti-allergy medicines (in the form of pills, liquid or eye drops) may be prescribed.
  • Give cool or warm compresses on the eyes to make baby comfortable.

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