How to Clear Baby Nose?

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How to Clear Baby Nose?

How to Clear Baby Nose?

Has your newly born baby turned cranky as its got hold of running nose and cold? Below are the ways to clear baby nose:

Nasal spray: Saline nasal spray will not only easy to use but is also safe for babies or toddlers. Make your baby lie down with baby facing you. Tilt baby’s head little upwards. Spray just a couple of nasal drops in the baby’s both nostrils. Baby may try to rub its nose or sneeze. Wipe the waste discharge with a soft cotton or tissue.

Nasal Aspirator: Or a bulb syringe meant exclusively for baby little nostrils. Make your baby lie the same way squeeze the bulb syringe to empty the air, gently insert the bulb tip into the each nostril one by one. As you insert in the first nostril, squeeze out the mucus discharge from baby’s one nostril on a tissue. Apply the same procedure with the second nostril to squeeze out the nostril.

Steamy bathroom procedure: Let the host shower run for a couple of minutes. When the bath area or bath room is enough steamy, spend some time in the steamy room with your baby to let the mucus melt down automatically form the nostrils. This is a more natural way to ease your baby. Don’t try hot shower bath along with your baby as it cause blisters on the sensitive skin of your baby.

Cool air humidifier: During winters, the heaters can cause the baby’s nostrils to dry up excessively. To avoid that, running cool air humidifier can sooth your baby’s nose and relieve the baby from dried nostrils.

Elevated head: Raising baby’s head or raising the crib mattress of your baby isn’t a good idea as it can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Placing a small layered towel under your baby’s head can elevate or raise your baby’s head a little bit. This will make your infant easier to breathe, have Clear Baby Nose and allow sound sleep to your baby.

Do you have questions regarding your infant’s growth and health? Ask anonymously to verified pediatrician at MediMetry.