Challenges of Breastfeeding

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Challenges of Breastfeeding

Challenges of Breastfeeding

Are you a new mom? Excited for challenges awaiting you in your new role?

One of the biggest challenges a mother faces is getting the breast feeding process right. Doctors and healthcare experts claim that breastfeed is best food for your baby which not only feeds but also protects your baby from diseases.

Commonly faced challenges while breast feeding include:

–          Baby is not finding right position. If baby is unable to align properly and does not attach, he/she will not get feed properly.

–          Thrush Infection. This infection can also lead to breast feeding challenges and is usually found when you have sore and pink nipples. It may have transpired to you from your baby, if he/she has developed it in their mouth.

–          Mastitis or Breast inflammation can lead to breast feeding troubles. It is also known as blocked duct and can be caused to anyone. One should consult a doctor and continue breast feeding, as it supports quick relief.

–          Sore nipples or breasts. You may experience soreness and pain while breast feeding. Ensure your baby is latched properly. If soreness increases, consult your doctor.

Initial few days after delivery is the adjustment time for baby and mother both to get used to the breast feeding mechanism. You should take extreme care while administering feed and observe your body for any soreness, redness and pain. Consult doctor immediately, if you observe anything unusual.

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