Is It Safe To BreastFeed My Baby, When I Am In Fever?

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Is It Safe to BreastFeed My Baby, When I Am In Fever?

Is It Safe to BreastFeed My Baby, When I Am In Fever?

Yes! It is safe to breastfeed your baby even if you are having a fever.

Medically, the chances of spreading an infection are more by contact and rarely through breastfeed. Rather, the antibiotics present in your breast milk will protect your baby from catching infections from you and if your baby does fall sick, breastfeeding will actually help him/her to recover faster. Immediately consult your doctor for further medications that are safe for both mother and baby. Moreover, stop breastfeed only if doctor instruct you to do so.

Effect of stopping breast feed during fever:

Some moms stop breast feeding when they are suffering from fever and need to take medication. But, while doing so your breast will be over filled with milk which can lead to mastitis <hyperlink>. And if you stop feeding for longer period of time it will also decrease milk production.  Prefer to feed your baby with breast milk rather than with formula milk till 6 months of his age as this is the time needed to keep baby strong and get ready to fight with outside world of diseases. This is the perfect time for developing baby’s immune system.

Precaution also required:

Since fever is also a sign of infection, it is required to take some precautions when a baby is involved.

  • When you are with your baby, never forget to wash your hands frequently with hot water, antiseptic soap or apply a sanitizer.
  • Tissues and wipes used to clean your baby should be thrown away straight in the bin.
  • Before having a tendency of coughing and sneezing, always cover your face and nose with a handkerchief or a tissue.
  • Prefer not to kiss your babies face when you are ill.

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