Does Belly Binder After Csection is Right Choice?

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Does Belly Binder After Csection is Right Choice?

Does Belly Binder After Csection is Right Choice?

This article will help you decide whether belly binder after csection is the right choice for you or not. Well! There has been no proven clinical proofs that belly binders or abdominal binders are the right choice and there are not many women commenting on this because many women are actually not aware of this concept.

Belly binder is known by various names like abdominal binder, belly band, belly compression, pregnancy girdle, C-section compression garment, or even a belly wrap or a sling. Because of its elasticity, they have been known to help binding the belly because after C-section delivery, the abdominal muscles need support otherwise the belly gets bulged out. To support the skin from loosening away, this is tied on your belly. This specially designed belt supports the lumbar area (back) and exerts gentle pressure on your lower abdomen thereby supporting your belly’s diameter.

Pros and Cons of belly binder after csection of a woman:


Gives you a thinner look
Helps to retain the shape of your spine
Helps to tighten the skin, decreases flab and reduces stretch marks
Band compression decreases swelling due to stiches on your belly
Supports the distended or balloon like abdominal muscles
Prevents the drooping belly from hurting or itching your stiches
Breastfeeding is comparatively easier with belly band
Regulates blood flow inside the body especially the belly
Moving, bending, or even handling baby gets easier
Heals scar tissues quickly by supporting your abdomen muscles
The band is designed to supply enough oxygen to heal your scar tissues
Accelerates postpartum recovery period especially during diastasis recti condition
Due to all the above comforts, the band relieves you from pain too
Better than traditional cloth wraps and cloth binders
Can be worn throughout the day


Although the rectus muscles (stomach muscles) are not cut inside but the abdominal wall is cut and the stomach muscles are wrenched or pulled out and about 6 or 7 surgical incisions are made to get to the fascia layer that reconnects at the time of recovery.

Some experts feel that that since the belt doesn’t provides enough oxygen supply to your lower abdomen and your stomach, so the risk of developing bacterial infection is high but there are not many evidences of both the advantages and disadvantages of the belly binder after csection. Furthermore tightening of binder may not allow the tissue to heal naturally and complications can develop.

Since there is a lot of damage to the underlying tissues especially the connective tissue, this is the reason why C-section delivery takes time to heal and an extra care is required after delivery as this is an invasive procedure. There is a lot of blood loss, muscles stretching pains a lot because technically the baby is taken out from below the muscles and the muscles receive some damage and the nerves are also cut to some extent.

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