Know back pain and its causes

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Know Back Pain And Its Causes!

Know Back Pain And Its Causes!

Are you suffering from dreadful back pain? You have landed on the right page! We will help you find the solution!

First of all, it is important to understand the reasonstriggering this pain to understand it better. Before going for treatment, we must understand about its causes; to get treated better and stay away from it in future. It can be experienced for both long and short term.

Let’s have a look on common causes behind back pain:

Sprains & Strains:
Injuries to ligaments that support your spine and its joints can lead to back pain. This situation often occurs when you lift and twist at the same time. Other common reasons are car accidents and sports injuries.

Degenerative disc disease:
This problem occurs when the discs (shock absorbers) between your spine’s vertebrae, tear or shrink. Due to this bones rub together. This is generally experienced in older age.

Inflammation and wear of Sacroiliac joint:
This joint is in between your spine and pelvis. It moves the load of your upper body to your lower body. Swelling and wearing away of the joint is experienced after some injury or because of arthritis or an infection or even pregnancy

When a bone from spine slips forward and out of place resulting in weak joints and ligaments keeping spine aligned. It can lead to the disc to shift forward over the vertebra.

Sciatica nerve pain is caused when the sciatica nerve is pinched, which could happen due to numerous reasons. A very common symptom to identify sciatica pain is that in addition to the back pain you will feel numbness in your buttock region and legs.

Some other causes could be: cancer of the spine, infection of the spine, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Sometimes lifestyle also leads to back pain problems, such as:

Slouching Posture while working at desk,

Lifting heavy objects,

pushing heavy objects,

standing for long period,

being overweight,


not exercising,

muscle tension, stress, depression and anxiety.

Hope, this article has provided you useful insights to understand your back pain better.

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