Watch your baby for Influenza (Flu)!

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Watch your baby for Influenza (Flu)!

Watch your baby for Influenza (Flu)!

Influenza or Flu is a serious disease for infants and young kids. It’s an infection of the throat, nose and the lungs caused by influenza viruses. The young babies, especially under 2 years are at high risk of serious complications as their immune system is not yet fully developed.

Flu symptoms in babies are quite similar to that of cold and cough. Still, there are a few key differences and can last a week or longer. Watch out for these symptoms and take necessary actions

  • Constant fever more than 100.4 degree
  • Baby feeling constant chills alongwith body shaking
  • Bad Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Headache or muscle pain
  • Dizziness or loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

Preventive measures

  • Annual influenza vaccination is advice for all kids older than 6 months of age. This infection attacks usually in winters. So it is recommended to provide vaccination to baby between September and mid-November.
  • Maintain good hygiene. Everyone in family should wash hands with soap frequently, particularly when with babies. Use tissue to cover coughs and sneezes. Avoid touching baby’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Most importantly, keep your baby away from people who are sick.

Ways to ease baby’s when under flu

However if your baby has caught flu, you can take following steps to ease your baby:

  • Now your baby requires rest and plenty of fluids. So offer him lots of breastfeeds or formula feeds. If your baby can eat solid foods, give him soups or fruit juices.
  • For fever and body aches, you could give your baby, infant paracetamol or infant ibuprofen (always after consulting doctor).
  • More than the medications and rest, your baby requires your attention and healing touch. Even science and doctors agree that mother’s soothing touch and gentle voice can do wonders in healing your baby faster.

Since Flu is a viral infection, so it can’t be treated with antibiotics. Also don’t use honey to ease your baby’s cough and cold. It is not safe for infants. Upon doctor’s consultation and starting the medication, you should start observing recovery in 3-5 days. Though it will still take some more time, say a month, for your baby to come back to its normal self. And in this time your baby needs lots of hugs and mother’s love to recover naturally.

Watch out this space for more helpful articles on Flu and how to fight it.

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