Baby Breech Position during Delivery – Feet First

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Baby Breech Position during Delivery – Feet First

Baby Breech Position during Delivery – Feet First

During pregnancy most of the babies are in breech position but during delivery, they take head first position. Before birth, maximum babies are in head first position, or in medical terms head down position, inside the uterus. Baby keeps on rotating, and sometimes before birth, it rotates and changes to feet first position, i.e., bottom first. A baby in this position is usually referred to as having baby breech position.

Those who complete their full-term, will have vaginal delivery with head first position and those who do not are delivered through csection or cesarean delivery and possible with baby in breech position.

Types of breech position:

Frank breech: Most commonly found in which the buttocks will come out first at the time of delivery.
Complete breech: Feet nearing buttocks and bent knees.
Footling breech: Baby’s either or both legs stretched below the buttocks near the birth canal.

Reasons for baby breech position:

Preterm babies: If babies are born before their full term they are most likely to be breech babies.
Multiple babies in uterus: Twins or triplets may have at least one baby in breech position.
Less amniotic fluid: Sometimes abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby may cause breech position of baby.
Baby’s weight: If your baby weighs more than 3.8 kg or less than 2 kg.
Previous breech history along with cesarean delivery
Narrow pelvis: If a mother’s pelvis has less room for baby to come out of the birth canal.
Mother having low-lying placenta
Preeclampsia patient

Tests: Physical examination, and ultrasound, if required.

Is it possible to have normal delivery for breech baby?

Normal delivery or vaginal delivery in case of breech babies is not at all recommended. They are only delivered by csection by the doctor.

Although normal delivery of a breech baby is possible but doctors avoid complications like:

Birth injury: In this case, hip socket of the baby and its thigh bone can separate causing injury to the baby.

Problems with umbilical cord: Either umbilical cord can round up around the baby’s neck or get flattened at the time of delivery. This will stop oxygen supply to baby’s brain and it can further cause brain damage, or damage to nerves.

Even cesarean delivery can result in excessive bleeding inside uterus or hospital infection during long stay.

There are exercises to turn the baby breech position to baby’s head first position. Your gynae may try external cephalic version, a method to change the position of the baby manually with hands over your abdomen while the baby is still inside the womb to make the normal delivery possible. This method is tried at 37 weeks (or during the mid of the last trimester).

If you have any questions related to pregnancy, please feel free to Ask Your Queries to verified doctors here at MediMetry.


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