Baby Bathing Tips: Parents Must Know

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Baby Bathing Tips: Parents Must Know

Baby Bathing Tips: Parents Must Know

Did you know baby bathing time helps in the healthy development of your baby???

As new parents we all would love to hear about some baby bathing tips. So, here’s there are:

1. How can I maintain my newborn’s hygiene?

During the first week, you will use top and tail technique for your baby, i.e., cleaning your infant from top to bottom with the help of baby soft sponge.

Do this by maintaining warm temperature inside the room and keep the towel as well the clothes ready for after wash. Avoid cleaning baby’s eardrums as they can get damage.

Don’t try to wash the creamy vernix whitish coating on the baby’s skin as it helps protects the baby’s tender skin. Avoid soap based products selling hot in the market as they are not suitable for use for now; mild Moisturizing lotions will work best.

2. When can my newly born baby have its first bath?

A full-term healthy newborn can be given bath after an hour’s time since its birth. And the bath should no longer more than 7 to 10 minutes. Don’t worry about the umbilical cord, they stump won’t catch any infection. Though, it should be allowed to dry. The temperature of the water should be are d 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take care of the hard water as it can easily dry out newborn’s skin. Adding mild baby cleanser can help.

Since baby’s skin is slippery during the first few days, so where should I bathe my baby?

Important baby bathing tips: Prefer a small bathing tub or a shallow sink/basin.

3. What is the best time to give bath to my baby?

The best time is when baby is fresh, not tired, fussy or even hungry. After baby bath, wrap your newborn in a dry towel to make it feel cozy and comfortable for about 10 minutes and then start dressing up.

Establish the routine on daily basis as this will induce a sound sleep in the baby. Fussy baby can be smoothed out with warm water bath.

Do you have questions regarding your infant’s growth and health? Ask anonymously to verified pediatrician at MediMetry.