Avoiding Plantar Warts – The foot infection!

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Avoiding Plantar Warts – The foot infection!

Avoiding Plantar Warts – The foot infection!

Have you observed some painful and ugly spots on your soles lately?

Be careful, these could be signs of a foot infection, also known as Plantar Warts. This infection occurs because of human papilloma virus (HPV) and is also contagious in nature. If not taken proper care, this infection may stay for a long time and cause trouble on a long term. But it is not difficult to destroy them and ensure it does not recur in future, if proper care is taken.

How this virus attacks the body?

First, it is important to understand how this virus attacks the body. Usually this happens as a foot infection because our feet come in direct contact with the virus which thrives in moist environment such as the swimming pool deck, or locker room floor. It is difficult for our immune system to fight because this virus does not enter the body rather it sits outside while infecting the skin cells from outside. If these are not attended to, these can spread and also cause extensive pain while walking, or in doing any activity that puts pressure on the foot.

Avoid Self-Medication

It is advisable not to try self-medication on this kind of infection, though the duct tape trick works quite well and is also recommended by doctors at times! The idea is to place the duct tape on the infection spot such that the wart is covered and duct tape spreads across the surrounding skin. Let it be there until it falls off automatically. Leave it open for a day and then again repeat the process. Gradually over few weeks the wart should disappear. The theory behind this is that the adhesive used in duct tapes can trigger the body’s immune system owing to its allergic properties. This should allow body’s immune system to kill the infection too.

Some patients may try to act smart and use knife for cutting the wart off! But this should be avoided, as this could spread the infection. You might also end up hurting yourself.

It is always better to avoid any self medication and contact the doctor who would recommend you the best possible solution for fighting the warts. You should visit a podiatrist or a dermatologist for this kind of infection.

What doctors recommend?

Most doctors would recommend medical lotions containing salicylic acid-based product. They would remove the infectious covering slightly and then apply the lotion so that the medicine penetrates easily.

Precaution advice from the experts:

–          Sanitize the footwear

–          Wash your running shoes and ensure the sole is dried completely

–          Avoid walking bare-foot in possible breeding places of this virus, such as pools, gym, common showers etc

–          Avoid wearing anyone else’s shoes

–          Keep the cuts, if you get any, covered to avoid easy access of infection in your body

Keep a watch on any such spots growing on your soles which could also be painful. If the growth is spotted at an early stage, it could help you in recovering from the damage and also avoid any long term damage because of infection.

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