Anemia in Pregnancy

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Anemia in Pregnancy

Anemia in Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you might be at a higher risk of developing anemia due to the surplus amount of blood the body produces to help provide nutrients for the baby. If the condition remains untreated, anemia can become risky to both the mother and the baby’s health.

Several types of anemia can develop during pregnancy, such as

–      Iron-deficiency anaemia,

–      Foliate-deficiency anaemia or

–      Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Anaemia reflects a drop in haemoglobin levels, which can be caused by an expansion of plasma volume compared with the increase in red cell volume during pregnancy.


Consult your doctor if you feel following symptoms during pregnancy:

–      Weakness or fatigue,

–      Dizziness,

–      Shortness of breath,

–      Rapid or irregular heartbeat,

–      Chest Pain,

–      Pale skin, lips and nails,

–      Cold hands and feet,

–      Trouble concentrating


Anaemia during pregnancy can simply be treated by adding together iron and vitamin supplements to your daily routine. It is recommended for a pregnant woman to eat 30 mg (at least three servings) of iron each day. Examples of iron-rich foods are: Lean, red meats and poultry, Eggs, Dark, leafy green vegetables, Nuts and seeds, Beans, lentils and tofu.

In order to absorb as much of the iron as possible, prefer to take your iron pills with empty stomach, along with water or orange juice (the vitamin C helps with absorption), but not with milk (calcium interferes with absorption).

Maintain a healthy diet regime during pregnancy and immediately consult your doctor in case you experience above symptoms. Experience safe pregnancy!