Accurate Posture to Lift Objects during Pregnancy

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Accurate Posture to Lift Objects during Pregnancy

Accurate Posture to Lift Objects during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you are highly vulnerable to back strain and this may continue post-delivery as during pregnancy the hormones generated have softened your body ligaments and joints. But you can ensure this back strain does not accentuate due to your wrong posture, especially when you have to bend down to lift any objects.

You can follow these tips to avoid such strain:

    • While lifting heavy items, it is better to ask someone for help when you are pregnant.
    • Still, if you do not have any one around and it is very necessary to lift it, make sure before lifting a heavy object you have firm footing.


    • For picking up an object which is lower than the height of your waist,
      • Always keep your back straight; bend with your knees and hips. Don’t bend ahead.
      • Stand with a wide posture close to the object that is to be picked up with firm feet on the ground.  Stiffen your stomach muscles and elevate objects with leg muscles. Unbend your knees in a stable motion.
      • Don’t jerk objects up to your body. Always stand erect.
      • If you have to lift some object from a table, slide it towards the edge of the table to hold it close to your body, keep bending your knees and with the use of legs lift the object and come back to a standing position.


    • Be cautious when you have to lift heavy objects above the waist level.
      • Always hold items with your arms bent and close to your body. Take some little steps and move on slowly.
      • To lower down the things, keep your feet firm; stiffen stomach muscles, bend hips and knees.


  • When you have to reach the objects placed overhead:
    • Get yourself as close as possible to the object to be picked.
    • Have an estimate about the weight of the object that you are going to lift.
    • Prefer to use both the hands to lift.

You might find this pictorial chart useful:
Health Tips-lifting-objects
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