Abdominal Pain in Second Trimester of Pregnancy

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Abdominal Pain in Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Abdominal Pain in Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Second trimester of pregnancy, means the period from 13 weeks to 29 weeks.  Moreover, abdominal pain on its own is probably nothing to worry about in this trimester. There are very less chances of a late miscarriage. If you’re experiencing a late miscarriage, you’ll have cramps with heavy bleeding between 12 weeks and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

During second trimester, abdominal pain is mostly associated with growth of the fetus and uterus. The causes of second trimester abdominal pain can be very different from first trimester pain.

Approximately at 20 weeks in your pregnancy, your uterus will grow at about the level of your belly button. By the end of 29 weeks, your uterus will be halfway between your belly button and ribs. You will experience a huge amount of change in only 9 weeks. All of your pelvic and abdominal organs are being pushed upwards and sideways due to the growing uterus. Displacement of your intestines is also going to cause many discomforts and lead to other conditions resulting in abdominal and pelvic pain.

Let’s see, what are the major causes of second trimester pelvic and abdominal pain? The most significant reasons for mid-trimester pain include:

  1. Displacement of the intestines leading to constipation and cramping.
  2. Pressure on the ureters causing trouble getting urine from your kidneys to bladder.
  3. Urinary Tract Infection (need to contact doctor immediately).
  4. Uterine contractions and premature labor (preterm labor).
  5. Round ligament spasm.
  6. Baby movements.
  7. Indigestion
  8. Gall bladder issues.

Consult your doctor if discomfort is unbearable and accompanied with any form of bleeding.
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