9th week of pregnancy

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9th week of pregnancy

9th week of pregnancy

You are 9 weeks pregnant (or seven weeks from conception). Here’s what’s happening during this week of pregnancy:

  • Your baby measures about 2.3cm in length and less than 2g in weight.
  • Baby’s eyelids are now completely covering his eyes, are fused and not going to open till week 26. Tiny earlobes are now also visible.
  • Fingers and toes can be well defined. Cartilage and bones begin to develop. Wrists are more developed and ankles have formed.
  • Baby’s upper lip along with the nose tip is being formed.
  • Tongue and larynx is developing.
  • The major development of heart is complete.
  • Baby’s necessary body parts are accounted for; already he looks more like a tiny human being.
  • Now your baby’s basic physiology is in place and poised for fast weight gain.

By now, though it’s impossible to know sex of your baby through ultrasound, his genitals have started to develop. During this week baby is swimming round in a little bag of fluid. By now your placenta has developed efficiently to support most of the important tasks of producing hormones. It is making nutrients for your baby and help in getting rid of waste products. Body parts are still joined by webs of skin. During this phase of development, baby’s head seems much larger than rest of the body because brain is growing very quickly.

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