Quick tips for 9th month pregnancy

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Quick tips for 9th month pregnancy

Quick tips for 9th month pregnancy

You are now in the final phase of pregnancy. Soon, your much awaited baby will be in your arms. Take advantage of this final phase to relax as much as possible. Your baby slowly starts to drop down into your pelvis and gain weight and strength in grounding for the big day.

Here are some quick tips for your 9th month pregnancy:

Eat balanced meals. As your baby is growing swiftly during this phase, it is essential that your diet must include extra calories; about 300 more calories every day as compared to your pre-pregnancy diet.

Take your multivitamin and multi-mineral, Calcium, Iron and Folic acid supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

Be regular with your exercises including pelvic floor and kegel exercises resulting stronger pelvis muscles.

Avoid food items such as caffeine, raw fish, Saccharin, soft cheese and excess cholesterol. Consume fruits and healthy food products during this time. Eat in small quantities and eat more number of times rather than consuming a big meal at a go.

Take warm baths, it will provide great comfort to your aching body. Make sure that the water is not very hot.

Follow these quick tips to stay safe yet healthy; but most important of all stay relaxed and happy, to sail through your final month of pregnancy.