8th week of pregnancy

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8th week of pregnancy

8th week of pregnancy

You are 8 weeks pregnant (or six weeks from conception). Here’s what’s happening during this week of pregnancy:

  • Embryo is measures about 1.6 cm in length.
  • Embryonic tail is just about to vanish plus all organs, muscles and nerves are ready to start functioning.
  • Arms and legs are getting in shape; location of elbows and toes are also visible.
  • Feet and hand buds have appeared.
  • Starts moving in your womb (but you will not feel it till week 20).
  • The stomach is being developed from part of the gut.
  • Face of the baby has started to take shape.
  • Baby’s mouth, nostrils and teeth under the gums have starting to develop.
  • Eyes can be seen like small hollows on each side of the head.
  • Heart of the baby has divided into right and left chamber which is beating about 150 beats a minute (twice the rate of an adult).
  • Baby has its own blood type and cells which are produced by liver now instead of the yolk sac.

Along with your baby, your pregnancy is changing your figure too. You will notice that your breasts may have grown large enough that you’ll require bigger bras with better support. Your waistline is also expanding; it’s the time to pack away your favorites jeans until next year.

Your first prenatal visit is usually scheduled between week eight and week twelve. During this prenatal visit, you will be asked questions about  your general health and family’s medical history including if you have had previous pregnancies or miscarriages, date of your last menstrual period (LMP) for calculating  the estimated due date of the baby (EDD),  also your height, weight and blood pressure will be recorded on your medical records.

Ask questions to verified gynecologists at MediMetry and understand your pregnancy better.