7th week of pregnancy

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7th week of pregnancy

7th week of pregnancy

You are now 7 weeks pregnant (or five weeks from conception). Here’s what’s happening during 7th week of pregnancy:

  • The embryo has grown about 13 mm (1/2 inch) in length.
  • Baby’s heart is beating with one chamber. A dividing wall also appeared in his/her heart.
  • Arm and leg buds started growing.
  • Lower jaw and vocal cords are beginning to form.
  • The mouth opening is also forming.
  • The inner ear is being developed.
  • Digestive tract is developing.
  • Navel string is being formed.
  • Lungs, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland are being formed.

The baby’s major organs like heart, spleen, lungs liver and kidneys are ready to develop.

Your baby’s digestive system is becoming more advanced with the development of stomach and intestines. Embryo’s arms and legs started emerging from buds at each side. Initially hands and feet appear like paddles. Eye lenses are appearing. Your baby’s appearance is becoming like a newborn’s.

You’re in the initial phase of first trimester, along with common pregnancy aches, pains and morning sickness; you may also have to urinate more often than usual as your growing uterus is pressing on your bladder and hormones are affecting fluid’s balance in your body. These issues will diminish as your pregnancy continues. Do some recommended exercises. And do not forget to consume balanced nutritious diet. Also make sure you take regular folic acid supplements as it is important in preventing neural tube defects.

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