6th week of pregnancy

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6th week of pregnancy

6th week of pregnancy

During your 6th week of pregnancy (or four weeks from conception), your baby develops at a phenomenal rate.

Here’s what’s happening during 6th week of pregnancy:

  • Embryo has developed about 8 mm (1/4 inch) in length.
  • Spinal cord which was open till now is beginning to close.
  • First blood cells and vessels are developing.
  • Blood is moving through these primitive vessels/cells connected to the yolk sac.
  • A pipe-shaped heart has developed and started beating.
  • Brain of the fetal begins to divide into 5 parts.
  • Eyes are developing through optic pits.
  • The cells intended to be arms and legs are in place.

Your baby is developing rapidly during first few weeks of conception, due to this you tend to feel very tired in first trimester. To support your baby’s growth, you need to take plenty of rest, sleep enough, fresh air, and regular exercise along with a healthy diet. Most of your symptoms will be same as last week. You may also experience headaches because of rise in hormones.

At this time embryo is still smaller than a raisin.

Although not completely developed, mostly all major body organs and systems are formed. Heart beat can also be detected. Neural tube enlarges into 3 parts, which will soon become a complex brain. The spinal cord grows faster than rest of body parts at this stage and will look like a tail. Tail will disappear with the baby growth.

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