6 Newborn BreastFeeding Mistakes

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6 Newborn BreastFeeding Mistakes

6 Newborn BreastFeeding Mistakes

A baby is considered as an infant or a newborn right from the birth till he doesn’t turns 3. His sleeping cycles will change a lot either weekly or once in 10 days. Accordingly, will be the newborn feeding schedules.

Here we present common newborn breastfeeding mistakes that new parents make:

1. Over nursing: Sometimes mothers feel that nursing babies repeatedly and frequently will satisfy their hunger and they will sleep properly for longer time intervals. This is not true because baby should develop the habit of requesting milk itself.

2. Maintaining strict feeding schedules: Feeding a newborn only according to the strict schedule will make the baby cry like nothing. He will feel starvation. There is nothing wrong in following a schedule but you will have to be manipulative if your baby is demanding milk at odd times too.

3. Not breastfeeding: Some women avoid breastfeeding either because they are working or because they worry about their zero size figure. Medically, breastfeeding helps women to lose weight faster. Breastfeeding is very important for infants up to 6 months of age and then after that, the frequency should be reduced but breastfeeding should not be stopped even then.

4. Depending on breastfeeding exclusively: Mothers who care overly about their infants and feel that unless the baby doesn’t starts solid diet should only be breastfed is a myth. You should understand that if your baby isn’t feeling satisfied with breast milk, he should be introduced formula milk starting in small quantities and once a day initially.

5. Not establishing baby sleep schedules: If new moms are not trying to shape up sleep schedules of their baby starting slowly, they will not get proper sleep themselves. Babies also need to adapt to normal sleeping cycles, sleeping for longer hours at night and reducing sleeping cycles during the day time.

6. Inability to understand infant behavior: Only a mother can understand her baby very well. A mother should recognize if the baby is hungry or feeling colic due to over feeding and gastrointestinal problems. Does he needs a burp after newborn feeding? Does your baby needs proper sleep and no further feeding or is the baby wetting diapers or is there any other reason for crying infant.

Do you have questions regarding your infant’s growth and health? Ask anonymously to verified pediatrician at MediMetry.


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