5th Week Of Pregnancy

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5th Week Of Pregnancy

5th Week Of Pregnancy

It’s about 3 weeks from conception. Here the embryonic stage begins. After rapid cell development, your baby is going to take on a more distinct shape. During 5th week of pregnancy, here’s what’s happening inside you:

  • The amniotic fluid is being built up
  • Embryo is in the shape of tadpole about 2mm
  • By the end of this week embryo will be developed in size to about 4-5mm
  • By now egg has completely grown into the mucous membrane of uterus to cover it, which is umbilical sac and amniotic fluid cavity
  • A fibrin clot closes the opening to uterus cavity
  • Placenta is still developing and embryo has started receiving oxygen and nutrition through placenta
  • Cells building ovum are beginning to differentiate and specialize in areas of development like embryo, amniotic sac and placenta etc
  • The ovum which has been floating in your uterus has now implanted inside the walls of uterus

Your changing body- You may experience some spotting or implantation bleeding after conception. You may feel like your period have started, but usually this spotting is very light and lasts only a day or so. You might begin to suspect about your pregnancy as embryo produces hormones to stop your menstrual cycle. Blastocyst (the fertilized cell) is a fluid-filled cluster of about 500 cells and multiplying continuously. It is now attached to uterus wall and split into two parts. Half of it attached to the uterine wall becomes placenta and the other half will develop as a baby.

By the end of week five; nerve will grow when cells on the back of embryo folds in middle to form a tube, which will develop as future spinal cord. At one end tube enlarges to form the brain’s major sections. Between fourth and fifth week, embryo will be about a 1/8 inch in size.

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